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Grupo De Danza Folklorica Quetzaly

Cultivating Our Mexican Heritage Through Folk Music and Dance

Living in America and being so far away from our motherland, you may find it easy to lose track of our heritage. Moreover, the youth are at a higher risk of forgetting what it means to be a Mexican because of their overexposure to American culture. That’s a problem that Grupo De Danza Folklorica Quetzaly (GDDFQ) plans to remedy by teaching everyone – kids, youth, and adults – to celebrate their heritage through song and dance.


GDDFQ inspires our community to cultivate their Mexican heritage through folk dance and music. We provide a healthy and educational environment in which the youth and adults serve as ambassadors of our native culture in different areas. Each member of our group creates awareness by participating in the community, schools, and organizational events.

In addition, we develop the talents and leadership skills of our dancers through commitment, respect, engagement, and fun. The end goal of the group is to help our dancers achieve academic excellence.


The vision of GDDFQ is to promote Mexican culture in our community and contribute to the preservation of our traditions.

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