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Grupo De Danza Folklorica Quetzaly

Celebrate Your Rich Mexican Heritage

Our organization, Grupo De Danza Folklorica Quetzaly (GDDFQ), was founded on November 5, 2015 by a set of parents and a Folklorico instructor named Manuel Cuevas. We offer the community a program that is rife with opportunities for children five years and older, teenagers, and adults.

Using Music and Dance to Engage Our Youth

The goal is to keep our children and youth actively involved in a positive environment. At the same time, they’ll be given many opportunities to discover our rich culture’s beautiful roots and traditions.

Full of passion and love for our culture, we seek to maintain our Mexican heritage through Folklorico dance. It instills an amazing combination of cultural pride, historical perspective, dance techniques, and artistic interpretation into the hearts of people.

Our Group’s Objective

We aspire to promote, preserve, and stimulate creativity as well as flexibility by teaching dance techniques to our members. This is done by incorporating different rhythms and choreographies in our shows.

Why Engage in Folk Dance and Music

Practicing folk dance and music is an ideal way to express yourself, communicate, and learn the beauty and richness of Mexican culture, roots, and traditions. We urge you to share the knowledge you’ve learned to enrich future generations.

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